The Incredible Shrinking Moparian

Years ago there was a 335-lb Moparian that was one cheeseburger away from diabetes. Doctors yelled at me for being in my early 20’s and having high blood pressure, high cholesterol & high risk for heart attacks. My doctor even gave up… just told me to get ready after countless visits of not listening to him. I cried. I failed. I finally asked for help… I asked Blaine Callaway.

I begged him to train me. To teach me and to help me change my life. He took me on as his training partner & introduced me to free weights and a ton of exercises I still hate till this day. My body was exhausted on a daily basis and I had pain from muscles I never knew I had… but I was changing and after a while everyone saw it. I dropped over 100lbs in under a year and removed many of those health issues I discussed.

Life changes and my focus on training hasn’t been 100% but I type this post out to say how proud I am of my pal Blaine & his business partner Tyson. Today I stopped by the new facility – Affinity Fitness in Rockwall & was blown away by the progress! Im ready to join the AF family & experience new levels of hate for you.

#bodybyblaine #affinityfitness

Pedro Murillo
Shift Social

Conditioning For My Condition

Before my cardiac ablation, Blaine trained me and built his training around my A-Fib conditions and what my cardiologist recommended for me. During my stress test, the nurse was impressed with my heart rate and stamina, especially when compared to how it was prior to my training. It’s been a good three years since my procedure and now with no more meds, no more worry, and I still utilize the training he set for me. In 2013, when I started with him, I was a good 215 lbs – managed to drop down to below 190 lbs in a matter of weeks and I am still below 190 and feeling fantastic. Now he has a good partnership with Tyson and that is a winning combination! I recommend Affinity Fitness to any- and every- one I meet.

David Gonzales

La-La-Lost That Fat

In Jan 2013 my husband signed me up for a gym membership. I had no desire to workout. Honestly I didn’t even know how out of shape I had gotten after having 4 kids but I am not one to waste money so I vowed to use the membership. I started off alright, I did what I think we all do when we first join a gym… walk around and use every machine, no system or training plan or method… just use it! Several weeks later my amazing friend Blaine came to me and offered to help me! The facility where he trained was pretty far from me so we did what he calls “distance training”. Blaine custom created training plans based on my goals, he provided videos, and he was always just a text away anytime I had questions while I was working out. Not only that, he helped me get a handle on my diet by providing lists of foods to eat and even which days to eat them based off my training plan. In the first 5 months I trained with him, I lost over 30lbs and transformed my body! Blaine helped me grow to love exercise and not hate it. He helped me fall in love with weights and yes… metabolic conditioning . With the amazing training plans he provided me, I learned what a good, well structured training plan looks like and no longer feel lost when I walk into the gym! What’s more is Blaine helped me learn that food is meant to nourish our bodies and not meant for pleasure although it’s ok to enjoy it in moderation!
I fell off the band wagon for a short period, life happened and I wasn’t able to focus on the gym as much and my eating also took a back seat. I started working out with a boot camp and fell in love. It gave me a little bit of everything and challenged me physically which I truly need, however I have grown to miss the weights and after implementing some of the principals of eating that Blaine taught me, I was craving that high I get from lifting weights. I have officially started training in the gym with weights again and am feeling amazing, already seeing great progress, and most importantly, I have been able to come up with a plan that is inspired by what I learned from Blaine! Blaine is more than a personal trainer, he’s a coach and will give you the tools you need to be successful and to hit goals you never thought you could achieve.

Angela Gonzales

A Lifestyle Change

Tyson Lyon is the greatest trainer ever! I had never stepped inside a gym in my life but made the decision that this year was the year things were changing. He worked with me patiently pushing me harder and harder towards reaching my personal goals. Which I met and now I have new goals. I’ve gone from a size 20 to a size 14 and I’m in the best shape of my life. I started my journey in February. It’s now a lifestyle. I can not thank Tyson enough!

Yvonne Hermesmeyer

No Nonsense, Master Training, Fast Results

Great facility with a no nonsense approach to training, combined with a family no pressure or judgmental atmosphere. The trainers are both masters of there trade. I highly recommend checking out AF fitness.

Tommy Kolleck

Power Lifter

I have been training with Blaine for almost 3 years. I love my results I have had so far as well as being a power lifter. Very encouraging and always checking in.

Stephanie Peddie

A Unique Training Concept

Tyson Lyon got me in the best shape of my life and offers a unique concept….Check it out!!!! Great people!

Tiffany Edwards

A Place to Call Home

I am so excited to have found a gym that feels like a family with trainers that care. Blaine and Tyson provide true personal training with compassion, knowledge and a passion for fitness.

Pilar Streng

Stronger Physically and Mentally

This is the place to be! I have been training with Blaine and Tyson for over a year. I am much stronger physically and mentally now, with the added bonus of seeing the pounds and inches melt away. They have each pushed me beyond my comfort zone, to set goals and meet them. I am a better person because because they see my potential. I have never felt like just another gym member. I’m part of this gym family.

Michelle Davis

Encouraging Results

I am so happy to be a part of this family! I’ve been training off and on for a year with Blaine now and I love how he pushes me along with encouragement.

Christy Green

I was tired of feeling

I was tired of feeling tired and out of shape.. About a year and a half ago, I saw a six week challenge from Blaine’s gym and decided to check Into it. My husband encouraged me and said I could be the guinea pig. After two weeks he joined me, and we are still training with Blaine! We are stronger and healthier at 47 than we have ever been. AF isn’t just another gym. The workouts are tailored to fit each person’s needs.
I’m so blessed to call the AF family my family. These guys care about us!

Michelle McNabb

Fit @ 50

Sales Executive- Age 49
Like most people I found myself too busy with life/job/stress and was overweight having to take Cholesterol and Blood Pressure Meds. At the same time I was diagnosed with frozen shoulder in both left and right. To put it mildly I had issues- a simple task such as raising my arms above my head or putting on my belt behind my back was painful. Got started with Blaine –customize training & meal planning..
Fast forward — I have now been working out almost a year with Blaine and went through physical therapy. The results speak for themselves!! I am now in a healthy place. I have regained full mobility in both shoulders. I am really close to my target weight goal and no longer on any medication.

My Goal has always been—FIT @ 50!!!! THANKS BLAINE


Fabulous Training, Great Results

I’ve been training with Blaine now for two years. I love his workouts because they’re never the same…he always keeps it fun and challenging! Just when I think he’s given me an exercise or a number of sets to do that I can’t do, his faith that I CAN DO IT most of the time is enough for me to push myself through. I’m in my forties and I’ve never been in better shape and I owe so much of that to Blaine!

Heather Sims

Excellent gym for achieving your fitness goals

Besides the friendly atmosphere, knowledgeable and helpful trainers Tyson and Blaine, and immaculately clean facility, it all boils down to the results of following the program designed for me to achieve my personal goals. Surpassing all of my initial goals within about 2 months of membership, I am now physically capable of more than I ever imagined. My entire life has improved as a direct result of this gym. Highly recommend this gym for anyone, as I have watched others with different goals reach them too. The 6-week challenge they offer is a great option to start with.

Joseph Alchemy

Jenn Rocks!

I trained and continue to train with Jenn Dean. I have worked with many trainers in the past but Jenn by far is the best. She recognizes the challenges one may be going through and she’s able to guide, encourage, and challenge one to push harder. She see everyone’s potential and helps them to plan their goals and achieve them. Jenn pretty much rocks! 💪

Caroline Higgins