I was introduced to the weight room at about 14 years old. I loved it right off the bat and have been a gym rat, for the most part, ever since. I graduated from West Texas A&M University in 2001, with a Bachelor degree in Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Finance, and a Bachelor of Science in Marketing.  I spent 11 years in the corporate world and like many, I became sedentary. I was one skinny (176 pounds dripping wet), out of shape Ginger! I was winded just bending over to tie my shoes. When I turned 30 I made a commitment to get back in shape. I started by walking on a treadmill every day for weeks, then running, then light lifting. Finally, after making slow but gradual progress I hired a trainer. Luckily that trainer, Chris, became a really good friend and we began working out together on the regular. Chris introduced me to power lifting and kicked my butt everyday but I was determined to get to his level and kept coming back for more. It wasn’t, and still isn’t easy, but I was finally able to put that skinny Ginger way back in my rearview mirror.
I remember the exact moment I realized that I wanted to be a personal trainer.  I was working an office job and was not happy with it. I hated sitting at a desk all day and I knew that being trapped behind a desk was not what I was born to do. While working out after a long, tedious Monday, I had an epiphany. I realized that the GYM is the place I wanted to be all day! No more desks, no more repetitive day jobs stuck in the never-ending rat race.  I needed to do something I love.
I started researching and asking around to find out what I needed to do to become a personal trainer. I started studying for my NFPT certification immediately and began training friends and family members.  I had a blast! Training people and helping them change their lives is what I was put on this earth to do. I love it! I love waking up every day with a smile on my face, knowing that I have the opportunity to educate, inspire, and motivate my clients to lead fit and healthy lifestyles.
My passion is to help others discover the benefits of being active, and guiding them to be healthy and fit so they can fully enjoy all aspects of life. Every client is different and my style will be tailored to your specific needs. There’s absolutely nothing cookie cutter about it at all. I’ll push you without yelling or screaming but you’ll be challenged. We’ll get to know each other very well, but we ARE going to do some WORK. I’ll be with you every step of the way and will keep you moving forward towards your goals. It’s going to be a fun, sarcastic and hard journey, but we won’t stop until you reach your goals.


    Growing up in a small town in west Texas, I spent my weekends running around the countryside, playing football, joining all sport teams I possibly could in school, and practicing every other sport my small town had to offer. I’m always up for trying new activities and adventures. My determination and curiosity has me never backing away from a challenge, or an opportunity for new experiences. Time and time again, I’m reminded of the positive effects exercise has had on my own physical and mental well-being. The ability of the human body never ceases to amaze, and my appreciation for what our bodies and minds can achieve is ever increasing. As a Certified Personal Trainer, I want to encourage and develop a happier healthier lifestyle, and help you realize what YOUR body is capable of. I believe that with the right training, the right mindset, along with a bit determination and support, anyone can achieve greatness!


      I can recall a fascination with exercise and wellness as early as age 12 after joining the 6th grade basketball team.  Through great coaching I discovered self confidence and the power in conditioning.  I felt strong and lean and found a love of experimenting with exercise and the benefits of body movement. After my brother’s diagnosis of pectus excavatum I dug even further into ways of healing the body through training versus invasive surgery.  With my exploration into fitness and the early guidance from my parents on food and fueling the body, I was convinced there had to be other ways to help him.  I began working out with him and the positive changes were apparent.    Watching my brother’s body heal and self-confidence grow through exercise programs that I helped write, had me hooked on making training a profession. I have invested the last 10 years training clients in their homes and place of business, offering tailored training and meal plans for clients with varying goals. After my most recent pregnancy in 2019, I gained 78 pounds and experienced a lot of physical  discomfort.  Working through my own physical changes, getting my health back on track while balancing everchanging hormones, I was reminded of all the stages of life and how important physical health is to me. No matter your goals, I would love to help you crush them, then create new ones.  I enjoy helping everyone live their best life and believe in the power of moving your body daily.  I love being a part of the Affinity Fitness team and look forward to all the greatness to come.